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If you're buying too many cartridges in a non-photographic business, you may need a higher specification printer that has a lower cost per page.

With so many printers to choose from where do you start? Firstly get the right printer for the job then look at running costs per page.

We've all seen the cheap printers but what a wake up call when they run out of ink or toner before you even get them to the office (it seems) then a cartridge set costs more than the printer, now you have a printer that prints cheap but costs as much as a good one.

Let's say you're printing invitation cards then the last printer to buy is an ink-jet but funny enough first on our list would be sold ink as the print has that expensive "raised" feel yet it's a lot cheaper per page.

For envelopes often you'd steer clear of laser printers that overheat the paper and go for a capable inkjet printer with good envelope feeding.

There is no one printer that can do the lot. Feel free to contact us for more information on the RIGHT printer for your needs and budget. Many printer "reviews" are simply paid advertising, we're the people that answer the phone if things don't work so it's in both our interests to get you the right printer first time!

Ink Cartridges

All printer suppliers manufacture their own ink cartridges, generally limiting their use to a single printer, or a series of similar printers. In order to prevent the user from simply refilling the ink cartridge when it runs dry, most cartridges now incorporate a chip that steadily updates as the ink is used, and upon using the last of the ink, prevents the printer from accepting the emptied cartridge.

Printer manufacturers also recommend using their own cartridges (rather than refilled or generic cartridges) to achieve the best results and prevent any damage to the printer from inferior inks. Use of generic or refilled ink cartridges (although hard to prove) can in some cases invalidate the printer warranty.

We stock a wide range of ink cartridges from many different manufacturers and for various different models. For printers ink cartridges and toner please try a search.

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