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Top Selling Home Theatre & Data Projectors

  • BenQ W1110 
    Free 2 X 3D Glasses is
    Fantastic Value
  • Epson EH TW5600 3-LCD
    1080P HD - Budget Home Cinema

  • BenQ W2000 Projector of the year under $2,000 for good reasons *STOCK NEXT WEEK NOV 1st*

  • BenQ W3000
    Flagship Projector Accuracy at a budget price!

  • TRUE 4K (not "enhanced") BenQ W11000 call for best deal and save thousands.

Business &/or Gaming

New! BenQ GS1

Splashproof Portable Projector.
Ideal for Holidays & Moving around!

BenQ GS1


Tip projectors.. Quick list of popular Home Cinema Projectors


BenQ W8000 - Quieter, Smaller than Epson TW9300 (Clients call for price), same Real Contrast, we think you can't pick the difference other than the price is lower and the build is a smaller more modern look.


BenQ W3000 review

See this UK review on the BenQ W3000 

BenQ W8000 vs. Epson TW9300 review



BenQ W8000 Home Theater Projector - Spectacular Cinematic Performance with THX Certification, Rec 709, 3D Home Cinema

W1110 BenQ Home Theatre projector

Just in! TRUE 4k for the ultimate home theatre experience. 

BenQ W11000 projector price

So you want a TRUE 4k projector?

The most affordable TRUE 4k and the only one that's THX certified is the BenQ W11000.

Beware brands claiming 4k that are not.

Get your installer to call us for trade pricing.

If you don't need True 4k consider also Epson TW8300/9300 BenQ W8000.

BenQ W8000 vs. Epson TW8300 TW9300
  • Pictured far left Epson TW9300

  • Pictured middle BenQ W8000

BenQ W11000 call us trade welcome.

Looking for something that's easier on the budget? Check out the W3000!

Longhorn 4000-Pro Full LCD programmable remote control

With any  BenQ W11000 (True 4k) / BenQ W8000 / W3000 for just $1 more!
  • Cut down on coffee table clutter, and replace up to eight remote controls with the Longhorn 4000 Pro
  • LearningEye feature learns infrared (IR) signals from other remotes
  • Macro functions allow you to perform multiple infrared actions from one button push
  • Pre-programmed with Foxtel Digital codes
  • Lights up in the dark with blue backlight
Longhorn 4000 Pro universal LCD remote

While stocks last. Not to be used with any other offers or discounts, on-line only.

You MUST mention this offer in comments section when you place your on-line order

We will adjust the amount we charge your card or you can add the amount to your DD or BPAY.

The BenQ W8000 may save you around $500 - $1k (Street price) off the Epson EH-TW9300 which is selling at RRP.  If you never see them side-by-side you'll love either only your wallet will know the difference.

New BenQ projector models

FREE! 3 Year Genuine BenQ 3 Year Warranty upgrade (RRP $299)

Free 3 Year warranty on BenQ FREE with W2000 & W1110 (RRP $299)

BenQ Winner Projector of the year award

  Worlds Brightest 3D Home Cinema Projectors

EPSON Home Cinema / Gaming Projectors

By hiking the price so much for mickey mouse 4k (not true 4k) Epson have opened the door to projectors like the BenQ W2000 (Projector of the year > $2k).

Many holding out for 4k want true 4k not a simulation.  

Save your money for now and stick with true HD and 3D such as you'll get with either the BenQ W1110 or W2000 projectors is one way to think about it. Others want the best available right now and that's the Epson TW8300 in the $4-5k price range.

Proof you don't need to pay more to watch 3D with the maximum brightness is found in our new review on 3D contrast ratio.

Sadly there is some misleading 4K info floating around but not from Epson, they are clear in their specifications TW8300 - TW9300 are 1080P HD resolution plus enhancement. So if your after HD 1080P as most people are it's worth looking at their lower cost projectors (you can buy 3-4 for the same price) such as the TW5300

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9th October, 2017

We didn't have the heart to tell him that his new 60 inch 4K TV was hopeless compared to a projector! 

  • It was an LG but all brands would have the same problem.

What do you think of the picture he asked?

Flat screen reflections

Example of the sort of problem we're talking about..

The first thing we noticed was the massive reflections of the windows in the room. The movie playing from Netflix (StarWars) was so pixelated it seemed the 4k was making it worse.

Projectors don't reflect.

The screens or wall that is, also projectors generally seem to handle low res content better. Projectors offer an IMPRESSIVE sized image for the same money or less money that you'd spend on a 60 inch mirror :)

Why wait for web sites that don't really have stock?

Our warehouse real stock

Get it quick!

AIM can supply you with a 100 inch true home cinema projection set up for far less than any alternative.

We buy in bulk and REALLY keep our own stock. This means we have everything you want to buy at a great price. We'll get you the Home Cinema / Theatre setup, Printer, Scanner or Digital Imaging product you want.

We have ready to go at prices that will blow you away! Already have a screen, or want a bigger screen? Let us know, we have the stock and the expertise to get you set up quickly and enjoying the cinema experience you've been waiting for!

Home cinema Projection screens.

Supernova’s unique home cinema screens use active optical technology to enhance contrast and colours and at the same time diminish the disturbing reflections of light from windows and room lighting. They perform better than conventional screens in bright and dark environments.

Even with a standard front projector you can get a good viewing experience by using a Supernova front projection screen for your home cinema system – in a bright room or dark.

By combining the superior image quality typically limited to optical rear projection with the minimal space requirements and installation ease of front screens, Supernova delivers the best of both worlds.

Contact us for demo specials

4k Projectors & TV, down the track it will be 8k!

  • 4k is a much higher resolution TV picture than HDTV and there are two future evolution of Ultra HDTV currently under development:
  • 4k with a 3840x2160 (8.3 megapixels) resolution.
  • 8k is 7680x4320 (33.2 megapixels).
  • 4k and 8k represent a doubling / quadrupling of the resolution of standard HDTV, 1920x1080.
  • BenQ W11000 review

Daylight Projection Screens

Daylight Screen

The image above is an ACTUAL from our Directors home, the sport was live and the sun is the same outside as projected on the screen. In other words given the correct screen you can watch cinema in a less than dark room!

Managers Special Low Prices AV Manager's Top Selling Specials

Data Projector Price

  • Beware dishonest / misleading specifications like 1,000,000:1 CR or 4K that's really 1080P with small letters saying "enhanced"..

  • If you're not sure what it all means feel free to ask us!



BenQ Projector of the Year award





BenQ W1110 vs W2000 Buy Price Review

BENQ W2000 & W1110

Save!! + 3 Year Warranty Genuine BenQ Australia 

AV PROJECTOR OF THE YEAR $2000-$5000  -  BenQ W2000

The new range of home cinema projectors from BenQ offers high performance at a reasonable price.


 + Special offer on 3D glasses & Free Warranty Upgrade   


Save!! Buy Price - GREAT VALUE BenQ W1110


Save!! Buy Price - BenQ W2000



Save!! Buy Price - WoW! Top End  BenQ W3000 

 BenQ W3000 Projector vs. Epson TW5600BRAND NEW AU STOCK

Save!! Ex-Demo W8000 WoW! as new (4hr)

(see this review then come get a great price at AIM)

Did you know?

Projector contrast is often overstated in brochures and depending on the amount of light in the room the most important factor is brightness.

Above is a small selection of the projectors we have in stock. We're not afraid to take on the spin doctors with our own opinion on various projectors. Please contact us if you need more information.

Top Selling Projectors


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Popular Epson Projectors

New Home Theatre / Gaming Projector Models from BenQ

Quote for Home Cinema Sound System? 
Contact us and we'll work out a great bundle price!

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Looking for the best full HD and 3D home cinema projector without breaking the bank?

BenQ W2000 ProjectorBenQ W2000 review editors choice 2016 

Projector of the Year BenQ W2000

  • New - Projector of the Year!
    Low Cost HD Projector BenQ W1090
    BenQ W1090 projector price

    The annual Sound+Image Awards dinner has been an essential event in the calendar of the audio-visual industry for more than 25 years. 

    • See also New BenQ W8000 THX Home Cinema Projector

Rule of thumb: Generally the more you pay the better the projector is in a very dark room watching a movie with dark scenes, they all look similar (if they have the same brightness) in the lounge or bali hut / gazebo watching football.

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 Looking for something a bit up-market, without the up-market price?

BenQ W3000 vs, Epson EH TW8300 review AV PROJECTOR OF THE YEAR
Benq are now winning
awards all the time!

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