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Fuji-Xerox Solid Ink Printers - Xerox ColorCube™ / Phaser™

Awesome "Raised Feel" prints on plain paper. 


Solid ink printer definition = Not washed out like ink or "Photocopy look" like Lazer printers. They use sold blocks melted as necessary then printed onto a drum that transfers it onto paper in one pass. There is no need to heat the paper as laser printers do. The ink sits on top of the paper so the quality is much better on plain paper than ink jet printers. It also has a professional "feel" about the printing.

Solid Ink is the best of both worlds

Xerox Solid Inks are composed of non-toxic waxes, resins and dyes that are safe to handle. The president of Tektronix actually ate part of a stick of solid ink, demonstrating that they are safe to handle and presumably, eat?


Ink good enough to eat?

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The choice for Medical Applications too.

Fuji Xerox Phaser ColorQube 8570 (Limited Stock) Printer 8570-DN and the 8880 pose no possibility of Toner particles becoming airborne make the Phaser a great choice for medical applications:-

Toner in the air?

Toner dust may become airborne for a variety of reasons; toner dust spilled inside the machine becomes airborne by passing through the ventilation fans into the room, the waste toner compartment fills up and causes toner to back up inside the machine, or the most common, careless renewal of the toner cartridge causes a spill of toner into the room. Toner dust is considered a nuisance dust and should have no health effects other than those noted above. However, persons who have an already compromised respiratory system (e.g. suffer from asthma, bronchitis, etc) should avoid changing toner cartridges. If this is not practicable then the operation should be carried out with extreme caution to avoid generating a dust cloud.

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Go GREEN with Fuji-Xerox solid Ink printing

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Xerox 8570 Colorcube Solid Ink Technology


AIM has great prices on genuine Fuji Xerox Solid Ink consumables

Following on from it's solid ink cousins the Fuji Xerox Phaser 8880DN (Duplex & network)  / ColorCube™ range represents the latest in solid ink technology.

8870 Xerox Printer Price  AIM is an Authorised Dealer

Solid ink (also known as colorstix/colour sticks or solid wax) is a vibrant, inexpensive and environmentally friendly printing method, which is redifining colour laser printing. 

Fuji Xeorx Solid Ink Printers

The Fuji Xerox Phasers (Colorqube - Solid Ink) come in several configurations:

FujiXerox Solid Ink printers melts these solid blocks of colour, then applies the ink to the page when printing. This method of printing has many advantages which we will outline in the review. 2. High Print Quality The excellent image quality offered by the solid ink printers makes them a popular choice amongst designers, graphic artists, sales and marketing teams and specialty printers.

Fuji Xerox Solid ink has no cartridge so nothing is greener

The image below (middle in particular) also illustrates (from our experience) the difference between ink jet printers on plain paper vs. solid ink on plain paper.

Solid ink does not get absorbed into the paper so it doesn't have that washed out and blotted look you've seen from ink jet prints.

The only laser printers that can give solid ink a run for the money in this regard are in our opinion the more expensive "Pro-Graphics" models.

Solid Ink vs. Laser / Ink Jet printers

Solid Ink also handles a wide variety of matte paper textures and thicknesses, making it a favourite among wedding invite and stationery printers. The 8880DN for example is one of the fastest printers in it's class.

Boasting an impressive speed of 30ppm (pages per minute) in both colour and mono, as well as a First Page Out time as fast as 15 seconds (from warm-up state). AIM tip: The Phasers are most effective when left on!

When powered off, any solid ink that the printer had melted into a ready state must be discarded, causing unnecessary waste. Leave your printer powered on, and let it go into sleep mode.

This may it will conserve energy, while still keeping a small amount of solid ink ready to use. The ColorCube's intelligent features will also track the times that it is commonly used - so if you start printing daily at 9am, the Phaser will 'wake up' a few minutes early and be ready to print when you are.

Solid Ink printers are incredible cheap to run. Unlike conventional toner based machines, the Phaser 8XXX series printers do not require drum cartridges, fusers or imaging units.

The only consumables required are the four solid ink blocks of colours of ink (cyan, magenta, yellow and black), a maintenance cartridge, and an ink waste tray. Running costs at time of review are as follows:

Fuji Xerox Solid ink has no cartridge so nothing is greener

Fuji Xerox Solid ink has no cartridge so nothing is greener

Environmentally Friendly

Xerox 8560

Solid Ink colorstix are blocks of pure colour - unlike toner cartridges they do not come in a large plastic casing.

This means that there is much less waste created by Solid Ink. In fact, for every 70kg of waste created by a conventional toner cartridges, a Phaser series printer (8xx series) only creates 2kg!

Researchers have also claimed that conventional toner cartridges may contain particles that are carcinogenic (cancer causing). It has been suggested that working in a confined or poorly ventilated space in close proximity to a laser printer may be detrimental to your health.

Easy to use Solid Ink

Solid ink stix are colour, number and shape coded - it couldn't be easier to refill a Xerox Phaser printer! Like the children's toy where the square peg won't fit in the round hole, a yellow colour stick can't fit into a cyan hole - it's child's play :)

8870 Xerox Printer PriceXerox 8560

In busy work groups, this ease of use translates into efficiency. Should the ink run low during a print job, any one can refill it - no need to call the IT guy.

Users can also pop open the lid at any time and clearly see how much ink they have left. As each colour stick prints around 1,100 pages, we can clearly see in the image below that we've got enough yellow to keep us out of trouble for around 4,400 pages.

Solid Ink - FAQ

Does solid ink print slower the more color you add to the page?

No, it's full-color at full speed thanks to the single-pass design of the latest solid ink printers. Unlike even the fastest inkjet printers, filling the page with color from top to bottom won't slow a solid ink printer down at all. And our solid ink printers are twice as fast as the typical color laser.

Can solid ink print on both sides of the page?

Yes. Automatic two-sided printing is especially fast and reliable on Xerox solid ink printers because the duplex paper path is already built into every printer. The memory and software required to turn on the duplex function comes standard on Phasers.

Can I print transparencies with solid ink?

Xerox solid ink printers are legendary for their bright colors, smooth gradients, and fast, easy, reliable transparency printing. In fact, a recent review of Xerox solid ink in Presentations Magazine put it this way: "...probably the best printer for color transparencies I have seen, due to the rich and even color afforded by its unique ink system." And unlike some color lasers, there's no chance of having a sheet of transparency film melt onto a hot fuser roller because, with solid ink, there is no fuser.

How reliable is solid ink technology?

The elegantly simple design of a single-pass solid ink printer allows it to have 60% fewer parts than the typical four-pass color laser. The secret is in the printhead, which is precisely engineered and calibrated to deliver full-page full-color prints in one pass through the printer. The simpler, more color-oriented design of solid ink printers allows a shorter paper path and avoids all the cartridges, drums, belts, and rollers that make color lasers so complex.

The best way to sum up solid ink reliability is to look at the stated maximum monthly color page volume: At 85,000 pages per month, it's over twice that of typical color lasers and up to 65 times that of color inkjets.

How many pages can I print with each ink stick?

A package of three solid ink sticks (cyan, magenta, or yellow) produces up to 3,400 pages with typical ink coverage. That's well over 1,000 pages for each ink stick. Also, unlike laser and inkjet printers, which must be allowed to run out of toner or ink, the solid ink design lets you drop an ink stick in the printer any time. Simply top off the solid ink sticks at your convenience and you will never have to worry about running out of ink in the middle of an important job again.

Are the ink sticks safe to handle? Are they messy?

The resin-based solid ink sticks are clean and do not rub off on hands or clothing. Unlike liquid ink jet or laser toner, solid ink cannot leak or spill in the process of replenishing the ink supply. And with no cartridges to dispose of, and only one other consumable, solid ink is the most earth-friendly network color printer available today.

Can I match the color output to my screen or to other color devices?

Matching what you see on your monitor or what you expect from your final production printer can be tricky. But solid ink is especially good at it for three reasons:

(1) Since solid ink printers can print a wider range of colors than most color lasers, it is more likely to accurately render the target color.
(2) Solid ink prints the same color consistently, page-to-page and job-to-job.
(3) Extensive color management is built into every Xerox solid ink printer and includes TekColor Automatic Color Correction, which intelligently optimizes the color of every element on the page.

Xerox 8900 Solid Ink Printers

FujiXerox Solid Ink Printers Prices

Less waste, lower impact. Solid Ink, super fast up to 95PPM.


Solid-ink Printers

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